A Message from the Principal

Welcome to Trentham District Primary School - an inclusive learning community that seeks to inspire community values, personal wellbeing and academic achievement.

Our school has a proud history since 1860 and enrolment now sits at 120 students, with numbers growing as our district does. We are a warm, inviting school, our size allowing us to foster close relationships between students, teachers, parents and the broader community.

We encourage a shared commitment and partnership between school and home, which we believe strengthens and enhances the learning opportunities for all students. We understand that every child is unique and strive to support each child to grow to their full potential.

A school that is very much part of our local community, we are committed to our values of Courage, Kindness and Respect. We provide many opportunities for parent and family involvement in our school and community activities, and indeed this partnership helps our school and students thrive.

I extend a warm welcome to you and your family. We look forward to working in partnership with you and your child - watching them grow and learn, celebrating their successes along the way.

I encourage you to contact me on 03 5424 1364, to discuss your child and our supportive, stimulating school environment.


Arthur Lane